Wereldbol met toetsenbord

Link between EuroBench Download and Technical Analysis software

Link with financial software
The vwd iRetriever (communication program) enables you to convert all price information downloaded from our databases directly into files compatible with various financial software programs, including Hermes, Metastock, Tradestation, Omni-trader, Mabel and Vestics enz.

Integrated link with VisionExpert and Wall$treet
The software programs Wall$treet for Windows, Vision2000, VisionExpert and Portfolio2000 have an integrated link with EuroBench Download. The benefit you derive from this link is that with every download session a correction file is send along that contains stock splits, new and terminated stocks and option series that are immediately processed in your software.

Conveniently downloading
Downloading the information takes place through the Internet; one mouse click is all it takes. A short download time is guaranteed.

EuroBench Download Gold
For users of the software programmes Vision2000 and VisionExpert, there is the extra module, Euronext Gold. This module offers you fundamental information, news and forecasts regarding Euronext Amsterdam en Brussels. This extra information offers an enormous added benefit to your technical analysis.